Derek Torrey Winans

Harvard Magazine- Nov./Dec. 2004

DEREK TORREY WINANS '60 died June 19 in Newark, N.J. He was a longtime Newark city official with a deep commitment to civil rights and the fight against poverty. He began his career as a journalist, working as a reporter for the Plainfield Courier-News, editor of the Newark Herald Advance and Maplewood?South Orange News-Record, and tobacco and textile editor at the Wall Street Journal . Later he served as deputy director of Manpower for Union County; director of the Newark Total Employment and Training program; planning director of the United Community Corporation, Newark's antipoverty program; and, since 1983, deputy director for administration and program planning for the International Youth Organization. He was a founder of the Newark Day Care Council/Springfield Avenue Community School and the Newark Community Project for People with AIDS. He took an active interest in politics and played a major role in several local Democratic campaigns. He leaves his stepmother, Polly Beischer, a brother, Peter '55, a stepsister, Judy Clapp, and two stepbrothers, Bob and Bill Marrion.