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Harvard Magazine: March/April 2001

Kitty Greve Darst would like to hear from anyone interested in planning an Alamoosook Island Camp reunion for this summer 2001 or next. Kitty Darst; 15 Seven Pines Ave., #1, Somerville, Mass. 02144.

Harvard Magazine: Nov/Dec 2000

Heidi Dawidoff has retired "after a long and happy career teaching English at the Hopkins School in New Haven. I am moving to my family place in Francestown, N.H., where I will read French novels, take long walks, swim, write books about movies, and spend loads of time with grown-ups!"

Harvard Magazine: Nov/Dec 2000

Peggy Fry Saxton writes, "I hope my fellow alumni/ae will support the need to provide visible welcomes to the next women at Harvard. Where are the photos, portraits, and statues of Harvard women?" Contact her at [email protected].

Sept. 2000: Barbara Hohenberg writes:


Home address: 5 WASHINGTON MEWS, NEW YORK, NY. 10003

Work address as above, also: 3RD ST. MUSIC SCHOOL SETTLEMENT
#EAST 11TH ST., NY.NY.10002


Phone (home): 212 - 475- 5417

(work): 212 - 777 - 3240

E-mail [email protected]



Publications, awards: SONG RECITALS IN THE US. AND CENTRAL AMERICA1966 - 1972, and continuing yearly since 1987.

Spouse/partner: PIERRE C. HOHENBERG B.A.56 & PH.D.-HARVARD



I had to look up the last reunion yearbook entry: I couldn't remember what happened ten years ago!

Ah, yes, we went to the Galapagos, the turtle had just died, we had acquired goldfish, and the daughter was immersed in ballet training. She developed knee problems after that and had to stop dancing for 6 months, which almost broke her heart. When she returned to dancing it was to flamenco, and she is now a pro. She spends months at a time in Spain, then returns to New York for gigs. She goes out on tour. She is thinking of returning to college to study photography. Chloe, the last goldfish, just died at age 10.We have all three survived the teen-age years, and we are surely all the better for it.

The hubby is now working at Yale, he's a university bureaucrat, and he appears to be good at it. We only see each other on week-ends, and it seems we appreciate each other more because of this arrangement. I have survived a brush with mortality. I'm one of many to have grown a lump in a breast and had to deal with that five years ago. My attitude toward life has sure changed! I no longer feel blue, I'm disgustingly upbeat. The only thing is, I don't exercise enough. It's not that I'm a couch potato, I just realize I'm a passive person, but would like to be more active.

I sent out an end-of-the-year letter warning friends and family that Ishould probably now be addressed as "O Wise One", now that I have entered my seventh decade. I put on a brave face, but I still feel like I'm about 17 years old. The amusing thing is that my husband admits to feeling the same on the inside. It's sort of the opposite of Dorian Grey.....we feel young---but the picture we present!

As for Radcliffe turning into an Institute: it seems like a logical evolution. My daughter didn't stay the same, why shouldn't my school change too? I do admit that while the empty nest wrung a poem or two out of me, Radcliffe's fortunes elicit nary a sigh. I wish her well. I'm sure she'll prosper. I sure hope to be reading more of those good Quarterlies and I plan to attend the October reunion.

Marcia Lubell sends along word that Ella Lubell was born to Jeff and Karen Lubell on March 10, wewighing in at 8lbs. 4 oz.

Rediscovering the Classsics: the Project Approach by Marcia Lubell and Ruth Townsend was published by Christopher Gordon Publishers in 2000 and reviewed favorably by English Journal of NCTE in May, 2000. We'd love to have visitors to our website: http//www.bell-town.com.

May 2000

Linda Purdy in a letter to Henry Marcy regarding the Class Questionnaire:

Dear Henry

Thanks for the invitation to join the Harvard classmates in October. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the festivities. I was not able to complete the questionnaire you sent, but I did manage to prepare an "essay" in the form of a picture, which I have enclosed. I hope you will include it in the compilation. It is meant in fun but is serious in intent: many of us Radcliffe Alumnae are vary sad at the demise of our undergraduate college.

My activities since college have included:

Life in coloardo is very pleasant indeed. Perhaps we will be able to meet at the 45th or 50th reunion.

Linda W. Purdy, '60

May 2000

Pauline Maier writes:

I am now working away at my final chapter of a new US History that will be distinguished by giving serious attention to the history of science and technology. My section goes from the beginnings--- which get further and further back--- to 1801. I started out knowing zilch about the history of science and technology in that period, and there isn't a lot written. Just going through the new literature on other aspects of the period is time-consuming. The preparation of that book was funded by the Sloan Foundation (which has a program for getting out the history of technology and science) and it will be published by W.W.Norton and Co. in late 2001. Probably the real interest will be in the 20th century--- telecommunications, computers, wonder drugs, etc. But you have to start somewhere.

Next I do a book for Simon and Schuster on the ratification of the federalConstitution and the Bill of Rights. Imagine, a book on only a few years.I can hardly wait.

Otherwise, Charlie and I are still married--- going on 40 years. And wehave our first grandaughter, Corinne Nicole Maier, who lives with our son,Nick, and his wife, Beth, in New York City. Our daughter Jessica isnearby in Brooklyn, and the last (actually the first) of the brood, Andrea,lives in Paris, but is thinking of moving the New York. What is it aboutNew York? It's a kind of a magnet for the next generation. Actually,that's fine; the kids are close--- but not too close.

May 2000

Elaine Kotell Binder reports: 8/25/00

How I wish that I could have attended one of our reunions this year!Exciting travel commitments are keeping me away. Richard and I were inFrance in June on a trip that celebrated his 25 years of partnershipwith his medical colleague. Now we'll be in Italy for the month of Octobercelebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. We've rented a house inSouthern Tuscany for the last 2 weeks of this trip, and if any of you are in that area, please let me know. I would love to see you.

Reading the Reunion Book has reconnected me on paper with many of you.This website has added to that. I hope we can continue diminishing theDistance between us. Have a great time in Cambridge. I'll be thinking of you!and me.