Reunion Registration Letter



August 5, 2000



Dear Classmate:


The time has come to register for our long anticipated 40th Reunion. It is two months until the day we meet on Thursday, October 5 in the Ropes and Gray Room of the Law School’s Pound Hall. This will be a great event! But you must take steps soon to assure it will not be missed. Because this is not a major reunion, housing and financial support are not provided by Harvard. Early October is color leaf season in New England, and most hotels are already booked. We are holding rooms now, but they will disappear on September 5, 2000. Make your reservations NOW. Remember that rooms are available with classmates as well if you prefer. Everyone, even those who have already expressed their intent to come, must register on the attached form or by downloading the form from our class website and filling it in and returning it in with your payment. Register by Sept. 5 and save money with the "early-bird" special rate.


In the preliminary events leading up to the reunion, the class fund raising under the leadership of Paul Buttenwieser, Joe Pellegrino and Peter Solomon has surpassed its goal, and the class participation percentage in the Harvard Fund, lead by Ron Goodman and Hank Keohane, also surpassed its goal. These efforts are to be congratulated. Now it’s up to the rest of us to make the reunion an equal success.


Early on, the committee reviewed the results and feedback from the 30th and 35th reunions, identifying those aspects of the past events that were most successful. In addition, the committee made a conscious decision to collaborate with our Radcliffe classmates for the reunion. At this point, the committee is almost evenly divided between Harvard and Radcliffe. By our count, there are more than 75 classmates involved in some manner with the reunion planning, fund raising, seminars, and memorial service. Close to 200 classmates, both Harvard and Radcliffe, have indicated interest in coming to the reunion. Adding their spouses and companions we may top 350 participants. Our paraphernalia committee has selected remembrances for everyone as a gift. Other opportunities for purchases will be available.


We have heard from one of our Radcliffe classmates working on the committee who wrote: "Those of us who attended the June Radcliffe Reunion know how rewarding it is to reconnect with old friends and to make new ones among those we previously knew only slightly or not at all. This fall’s reunion will be another opportunity for those kinds of gatherings and relationships on a broader scale. We [Radcliffe classmates] are sure that this event will not only continue the camaraderie of the past reunion joint events but will foster even greater friendship and be more enjoyable. We appreciate that the reunion events will involve both male and female classmates, but we also appreciate that some opportunities exist to reminisce among ourselves in a more informal way." The whole committee concurs with the sentiments expressed here. We want this to foster greater friendship and be more enjoyable, but we need all of you there to make this come to pass.


Please respond now, not in September, to assure your accommodations and by September 5 to receive the early-bird discount. Final deadline for sign-up is September 22.



With Best Regards,



Rod Hardy Tare Newbury Tom Oleson Diana Townsend-Butterworth

Schedule of Reunion Events

[Plan A, B or C — See sign up sheet for explanation.]


Thursday Evening, October 5, 2000, Ropes and Gray Room, Pound Hall, Law School 6:30 — 11:00p.m. Chairs: Dev Barker, Bart Dunbar, Joe Hurd, Frances Webb, Pauline Maier. [Plan A and B]

Meet and greet our classmates. Food courts will provide a variety of foods and opportunity to meet and greet your friends. Bartle Bull will roast the Harvard classmates and Susan Diamond the Radcliffe classmates. Don’t miss this opportunity to agree or disagree.


Friday Morning, October 6, 2000, Seminars, 9:00— 11:30 a.m. (Continental Breakfast 8:30)

Chairs: Diana Townsend-Butterworth, Bob Bray. [Plan A and B]

All seminars encourage audience participation. Please come prepared to share your wisdom, experience and sense of humor! Locations posted at registration.


Election 2000: Referendum on the past or vision of the future. What are the questions not being asked? How can a democracy function effectively if the political process fails to guide politicians in understanding the popular will? Moderator: Finlay Lewis. Panelists: Bill Maynes, Ted Marmor, Sarah Collins Carey.


The Internet Revolution: The Internet has given us access to information and resources that are fundamentally changing the way we live and work -- transforming our educational institutions and the ways we communicate and do business. Moderator: Charles Nesson. Panelists: Hank Morgan, Alice Mary Maffry Talbot, TBA.


Reflections on being 60 something: We’re not getting "old". Still there are issues. Come, we’ll put our very fine minds together and propose some answers. Moderator: Pauline Maier. Panelists: Rupert Hitzig, Jill Kneerim, Suzanne Schell Pierce.


What kind of world will our children & grandchildren inherit? Plans for saving our cities & protecting our environment. Moderator: TBA. Panelists: Susan Saltzman Fainstein, Jane Holtz Kay, Langley Keyes.


Friday Morning Memorial Service, Memorial Church, 11:45 a.m.

Chairs: Rev. Jim Low, Rev. Diana Phillips. [Plan A and B]

Preachers, Rabbi Michael Brown and Rev. Kitsy Bolster Winthrop. Lay readers, Rod Hardy and Diana Townsend-Butterworth. Choir master Fred Ford, and Organist Paul Jordan. Reading of the departed classmates, Hank Keohane, Jane Classen Simon. Choir of Harvard and Radcliffe voices including spouses; rehearsal at 11:00 a.m. in church.


Friday Afternoon Potpourri of Events, 12:45 - 4:00p.m. [Plan A and B]

Lunch for classmates and companions at your old house at 12:45 (Classmates pay luncheon fee).

Boston Museum of Fine Arts visit with lunch and guided tour- Chair: Dr. Ken Marshall. Buses leave from Yard to MFA after memorial service. (Cost of tour and lunch born by classmates attending.)

Tour of Harvard Museums following lunch in the houses at 1:45— Chair: Dorothy Elia Howells. Self-guided tours of Fogg, Sackler and the Busch-Reisinger collection. Printed guide will be available.

Classmate organized events and get-togethers such as WHRB tour, swimming team swim at pool, and Radcliffe informal discussions. Attendees are encouraged to organize their own get-togethers. The committee will facilitate space and entry into locations where needed. Fill in the line on the registration form to help guide us and contact Josh Dieterich (617-495-5301 or [email protected].)


Friday Afternoon Tea with Harvard Deans and Administration, 4:00p.m. Winthrop House Junior Common Room. Chairs Dan Phillips, Bill Markus, Rod Hardy, Alice Mary Maffry Talbot. [Plan A and B]

Join with the class of 1955 to meet the leaders of the Harvard Administration to discuss issues near and dear to you.



Friday Evening Gala Dinner 6:30 — 11:30p.m. (with dancing in separate room)

Chairs: Tare Newbury, Phil Robertson, Angela Brown Fischer. [Plan A, B and C]

Downtown Harvard Club, 38th floor, 1 Federal Street, Boston, MA (The heart of the financial district).

The one event open to early and late arrivals, enjoy good cheer, food and music from the 38th floor, with a 360° panorama of Boston and the Harbor. Singles and couples are all encouraged to come. Cash bar. Buses will come from Cambridge and return at the end of the evening.


Saturday Morning, October 7, 2000, Seminars, 9:00 — 11:00 a.m. (Continental Breakfast 8:30)

Chairs: Diana Townsend-Butterworth, Bob Bray. [Plan A and C]

All seminars encourage audience participation. Please come prepared to share your wisdom, experience and sense of humor! Locations posted at registration.


Artists and Audiences: What is the impact of audiences on the composer, artist, writer or presenter? To what extent is the creation of a work of art influenced by considerations of getting it published, listened to, looked at or bought? Moderator: Paul Buttenwieser. Panelists: John Harbison, Charles Mee, Jayn Rosenfeld.


A New Lease on Life: Our generation, unlike those before us, faces the promise and challenge of living a longer, more youthful life. What will we make of this additional time? Moderator: Margaret Armstrong Bancroft. Panelists: TBA.


Will you live to 120? And do you want to? Medical advances/ethical dilemmas. What is the effect of recent medical advances? What are the real factors that influence our health, longevity and quality of life? What influence do we have on them? Moderators: Edward Tarlov & Diana Townsend-Butterworth. Panelists: Sheldon Greenfield, Joseph McCarthy, Helen Twombly Watkins.


Saturday Luncheon, Gordon Track and Tennis Facility, Soldiers Field, 11:30a.m.

Chairs — Hank Keohane, Jane Classen Simon. (Parking in Business School lots.) [Plan A and C]

Saturday 1:00 p.m. — Football game Harvard vs. Cornell

(Sign up for tickets on registration form, $10 each).

Saturday 1:00 p.m. — Radcliffe discussion groups - Chairs: Diana Townsend-Butterworth, Bob Bray, Jane Classen Simon, Dorothy Elia Howells.

Trajectories of our lives & careers: a woman’s perspective. Facilitator: Kathryn Allen Rabuzzi, Betsy Raymond Bailey.

Values: What values did we receive from our parents? What values are we passing on to the next generation? Facilitator: Martha Cohen Bial, Alice Hendrickson Eagly.

Relationships: Changing relationships with families and friends/new ways to communicate.

Facilitators: Linda Abrams Braun, Dorothy Elia Howells.


Saturday about 3:30p.m. - Reception at end of game and end of Radcliffe discussion groups. Gordon Track and Tennis facility.


Saturday Evening, Harvard Faculty Club, 20 Quincy Street, 5:30p.m.

Chairs: Joe Murphy, David Ries, Helen Watkins. [Plan A and C]

Informal buffet dinner with several food stations available 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. with casual seating. Cash bar will be available all evening. We will supply our own music. Classmates should bring guitars or other instruments to foster informal singing around the fire. Shuttle buses will be available during the evening for return to Business School parking.


Sunday Morning Brunch, October 8, 2000, Cronkhite Center (6 Ash Street), 10:00a.m. - Noon

Chairs: Tim Leland, Lionel Spiro, Betsy Raymond Bailey. [Plan A and C]

Entertainment for the occasion will be provided by the world renowned "Radcliffe Pitches," the famous Radcliffe octet. The food will be excellent and plentiful, the setting sunny and pleasant. We have ordered a beautiful day so that we can open the doors to the garden as we did ten years ago. Come bid adieu to old friends and classmates until we meet again…


General Information on the 1960, 40th Reunion — October 5 — 8, 2000, Cambridge MA.


Hotels and Housing Co-chairs: Ron Goodman, Hank Keohane, Tare Newbury The rooms and the prices will be held until Sept. 5, 2000. Please make your own reservations directly with the hotels. When you call the hotel tell them you are with the Class of 1960, 40th Reunion to get the discount. [There are several concurrent reunions.] After September 5, we cannot guarantee the availability of rooms or the price. (225 rooms available)


Commander Hotel 30 rooms $280 Contact Registration 617-547-4800

Days Inn 25 rooms $165* 1800 Soldiers Field Road by Skating Club of Boston

617-254-0200 (*taxes included)

Days Hotel 75 rooms $200* 1234 Soldiers Field Road near Martignetti Liquors

617-254-1234 (*taxes included)

Inn At Harvard 10 rooms $289 Contact Registration 800-458-5886 or 617 491-2222

Harvard Sq. Hotel 10 rooms $209 Contact Registration 800 458-5886 or 617 864-5200

Harvard Faculty Club 3 singles $199 Contact desk 617-495-5758

7 doubles $218

Irving House at Harvard (B&B) 3 blocks from Memorial Hall

7 singles $159 Contact Kerri McCarthy 617-547-4600

18 doubles $179

Suisse Chalet (at Alewife Circle, Cambridge — 10 minutes walk to Red line direct to Harvard Sq.)

20 rooms $106.70 (max.) Call 617-661-7800

Red Roof Inn (Framingham/Natick exit Mass Pike — 30 minutes west of Harvard Square)

20 rooms $91.99 Call 800-733-7663


HOUSING WITH BOSTON AREA CLASSMATES (Indicate your desire on registration form)

Please contact co-chairs Joan Peters O'Connor ( [email protected]) or Hale Sturges

([email protected]) if:

  1. you are interested in offering housing to a classmate (and spouse). We also encourage you to contact any classmate whom you would like to see again. Try to persuade them to come to the reunion and stay at your house.
  2. you would like to stay with a Boston area classmate but don't know with whom.


Parking and Transportation

Harvard is making parking spaces available in the parking lot at the Business School (entrance off Western Avenue or North Harvard Street). Shuttle buses will be available to bring reunion attendees up to the Law School for the Thursday evening kickoff, and to the seminars on Friday morning and Saturday morning. Buses will take everyone to the Downtown Harvard Club, and returning from dinner, buses will make a stop at the garage. Shuttle buses will bring participants back to the garage from the Faculty Club on Saturday night, and will bring participants to and from the Cronkhite Center on Sunday for the Brunch. Handicapped individuals with special transportation needs should contact Joshua Dieterich at the Harvard Alumni Office, 617-495-5301, [email protected].


Dress Code for Events

October in Cambridge is a Jekyll and Hyde situation. Some days are summer-like, others like late November. Bring appropriate dress to cover the spectrum. All events will be casual except Friday evening when a dress, business suit or blazer and slacks with tie will be most appropriate. Saturday evening dress will be the same as you wore to the football game, unless there is a driving rain, in which case you are free to get out of wet clothes.



The permanent registration office will be in the Information Center on the first floor of Holyoke Center. However, registration or sign-in will be at each major event. Thursday evening it will be in Pound Hall at the Law School. Friday morning registration will be at Holyoke Center. Friday evening registration will be at the Harvard Club of Boston downtown clubhouse, 38th floor, 1 Federal Street. Saturday luncheon we will have a check-off list for late arrivals. If you cannot register when you arrive, register at the first opportunity at Holyoke Center. Registration expenses and paraphernalia may be put on either Master Card or VISA. Paraphernalia will incur a $3 transaction fee.


Handicapped Persons and Those Requiring Restricted Diets

Harvard’s Disability Coordinator will provide special transportation to those requiring such help. Please indicate such need on your registration form. You will be contacted by a member of the Harvard staff once your registration is received. Those requesting kosher food or vegetarian diet must indicate this on the registration form. Identify yourself and make your request known to the service staff at each meal. Harvard Medical Services will be available for emergencies.


Registration Form: Mail-in form- fill it in TODAY!