Richard (Dick) Bailey Mallinson

Our classmate, Richard (Dick) Bailey Mallinson, was struck by a car on September 13, 2012, and suffered severe cranial injuries. Since the accident, Dick has been under constant care from his wife, Chai-Kyou, and from neurosurgeons, et al. Initially hospitalized for several months, Dick is now in the Susquehanna Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Binghamton, New York. Of course, Dick and Chai-Kyou have been having a very rough time of it.

Those of you who know Dick and/or Chai-Kyou might consider sending your best wishes as he continues the long, arduous path toward recovering his speech and mobility. Their home address is 752 Old State Road; Binghamton, NY 13904. Chai-Kyou's email address is Their phone number is 607-775-3997.

August 23, 2013