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Web Pages by or about Members of the Class of 1963

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Anthony Carey is with the Venable firm in Baltimore.

Jan Blais presents his novel, Flight Path .

Daniel Degnan, S.J. is President of St. Peter's College.in Jersey City, NJ.

Jim DeLong maintains a site dealing with issues regulatory policy .

Pete DuPont publishes the online journal Intellectual Capital.

David Foster is with ThelenMarrin Johnson & Bridges in San Francisco.

He built it, he sold it (to ING Baring's) - Roy Furman's Furman Selz.

Stan Goldblatt's bio and photo are on the Winston & Strawn Web page; he can be found among the Chicago office listings.

Bob Hadley is with Thompson Hine &Flory;, in Dayton, Ohio

Mike Hager is founder and executive director of the Rome-based International Development Law Institute.

Donald Heiser is with Ulmer &Berne; in Cleveland.

Charles Hurt is with SutherlandAsbill & Brennan in Atlanta.

Larry Klein practices in Palo Alto, CA.

David Lebedoff's 1997 book, Cleaning Up, on the Exxon oil spill, is available through Amazon.com, the online bookstore. See a summary and links to reviews, at the Ecoethics web site.

Hans Moede is with WhyteHirschboeck Dudek in Milwaukee.

Charlie Nesson and the Berkman Center he directs at the Law School will host theHarvard Conference on Internet and Society at the end of May.

Larry Perlman is President and CEO of Ceridian Corporation (formerly Control Data) Some of his recent speeches are included on the Ceridian Web page.

Dave Peterson coauthors the global resource WWW page on Telecommuting, Teleworking and Alternative Officing.

Michael Polelle teaches at John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

Joel Rabinovitz' bio and photo can be found on the Irell & Manella web page.

Wendy Marcus Raymont serves as advisor to the non-profit Transparency International.

Paul Reitler's bio can be found on the Sheppard MullinWeb page.

U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno may be the class' first international celebrity, even, reportedly, a "love goddess" in the eyes of some Japanese men. Her official bio page is maintained by the Department of Justice.

Richard Scarritt practices in Kansas City.

Jeremy Shea's bio can be found on the Quarles & Brady Web page.

Stanley Siegel teaches atNYU Law School.

Jack Spain practices with Hunton &Williams; in Richmond, VA.

Brian Tamberlin is a judge in the Australian Federal Court System.

Joe Troy's bio and photo are included on the Troy & Gould firm's WWW site.

Norm Waite's bio and photo are on the Winton & StrawnWeb page; he can be found among the Chicago office listings.