Robert C. Cabot

Dear friends and family

We are writing with the very sad news that our dad, Bob Cabot, passed away on Tuesday afternoon (November 16). His passing was peaceful, and we all felt very lucky as Mason and Belen were able to come back to be with him just a week ago, and Paul and I were with him when he passed. On the one hand, his passing was merciful, as the Alzheimers/Dementia had truly taken hold. On the other hand, we are deeply feeling the loss of our dad, who was so very dear to our hearts, and such an important part of the lives of his grandchildren. His presence in Boston with us over the last two years has been such a huge blessing, and it was so nice that he was able to return to his roots, something that he valued greatly.

We are so thankful for all the dear friends and family who have been so faithful to him and to us.

If you wish to make a gift in dad's memory (in lieu of flowers), we have nominated two causes that would honor dad's memory:

With much love,

Courtenay and Mason

[email protected], 508 785 1828, 310 Dedham St, Dover, MA 02030

[email protected] 415 531 1109, 456 Otsego Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112