Dev Barker Announces His Book

Dear Classmates:

You will have to read this short book to find out why a person in his mid-70s would suddenly decide to write about something in which he was involved more than 40 years ago. This is one of those new-fangled print-on-demand books that doesn't get printed until there is an order. So there's no unsold inventory.

ORDERING INFORMATION . . . Definitely most reliable is Put in the title and it pops right up.

Gretel II Disqualified: The untold inside story of a famous America's Cup incident Authored by B. Devereux Barker III, 7.44" x 9.69", 16 photos/illustrations, 10,500 words Black & White on White paper, 54 pages

One of the most famous, controversial incidents in America's Cup history involved a collision at the start of the second race in the 1970 match between Gretel II (Australia) and Intrepid (US). This is the largely untold story by New York YC race committee chairman Dev Barker, then age 31, of how his committee dealt with the impossible situation, not of their own making, in which they found themselves.

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Posted 5/6/2013